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Full Time Salesforce Developer, Cloudsquare

1 時間ごと: 37.5

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6ヶ月前 基準 Fillip Shaposhnik

Cloudsquare is a young, exciting, and energetic Salesforce consulting firm that is looking to revolutionize the way clients use Salesforce. At Cloudsquare, we believe that our team comes first and heavily emphasize the importance of maintaining team morale through company outings (we’re HUGE fans of a quality escape room at the moment) and in office ping pong tournaments. We believe that, in order to grow as a company, we must focus on developing each individual team member. As team members enhance their skill set, through a broad spectrum of client work, each individual has the opportunity to advance along their chosen career path and pick up certifications along the way. Even though we emphasize the importance of investing in each individual, Cloudsquare has a strong team mentality. We tackle projects as a team and make sure to learn from one another. Working at Cloudsquare gives you the opportunity to have a voice, and make a tangible difference in a new company with a bright future and grand aspirations. https://cloudsquare.io/careers/