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Business Analyst

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California, United States
3 年前 基準 Natthanit Hasson

Essential Responsibilities - Data Management. Create and manage data capture processes, primarily with Salesforce, to ensure efficient, timely, and accurate data collection across all REDF departments (e.g., portfolio investments, business accelerators, field-building, development, communications, etc.). Serve as a bridge to and collaborate effectively with Information Technology staff in solving technical problems. Collaborate effectively with parties owning external systems and databases. Make sure data capture supports reporting requirements. - Reporting. Using a proactive approach, and project management methods, provide multiple internal and external stakeholders with the information they need in the form of reports, views, dashboards, etc. Design, build, and deliver reports, dashboards, views, and slide shows as required, using a variety of tools. Ensure accuracy of data in all reports. Build stakeholder confidence in our metrics through the consistent meeting of deadlines and infallibly accurate and elegant metrics. Manage a well-designed, organized, and intuitive library of reports. View Job