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Integrate Product License Interface with SF

固定価格:: ¥100,000-¥500,000

Open for Applicants
8 年前 基準 Jeff Brueggeman

We use FlexNet Publisher as our license tool we have integrated with an in house custom interface. It is this interface that we want to integrate with SF. We want the SF data to be the source of all or most of the data feeding into our interface. From SF, a request is made to create a license. The request will generate a unique ID and will serve as the serial number (SN). Using this SN, we request programmatically data from SF. The license generating program will take data and populate required fields. Operations will create the license and push this data to SF. Operations will send the new license file to the user. In summary, we are looking for: Creation of custom screens with multiple types of input widgets. Initialize the custom screens from data found in SF. Creation of data from the input screens. A hierarchical structure to this data will be needed. Add custom programming attached to a SF widget. This is the generate SN operation. Create a method to access data from SF using a local server. Java/Perl/C++ acceptable. Create a method to push data back into SF. We are open to discussions regarding what is required to meet our need.