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Salesforce Developer for Studio Designer

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Open for Applicants
California, United States
5 年前 基準 Stephen Roesler

Studio Designer is the premier accounting and project management software in the interior design industry today. Our users have $1B worth of purchasing power annually. We are steadily acquiring new users and are currently focused on building an industry wide purchasing platform. This is an opportunity to grow a software company with big potential. This job can be done anywhere in the US. This candidate must have advanced knowledge of: SalesForce Large Data Volumes (LDV) SalesForce new BigData features SalesForce APEX Code SalesForce Visual Force Pages SalesForce Security SalesForce and connectivity to Heroku SalesForce and connectivity to other outside database and resources This candidate should have general knowledge of: Electronic data interface API interface Html format Database architecture Random programing languages Security Image manipulation and image storage Candidate should: Be highly driven, motivated and eager to grow the business Be dedicated and available long term Should have a broad range of technical skills